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Do you want to work with us?

If you would like to work with us, send us your CV to hola@softspring.es and we'll get in touch.

We are Javi, Eva, Tatus, Aritz and Ana. The five of us form Softspring.

How we work

We have more than fifteen years of experience in the web world and when we created Softspring we knew that our main values were to work on projects that motivate us, that move us, with people that we like and inspire us and that conciliating doesn't mean that your life is focused on work and everything else has to adapt to it.

We do positive custom development projects, mainly based on Symfony (PHP) and with criteria of good practices and agile methodologies. When we talk about positive projects, we mean that we try to prioritise projects with a social impact, not only economic. Not all the projects we do are like this, that's why we "try" :). :), but before accepting a project we get together and evaluate pros and cons. The technology and the aim or objective of the project are issues that we take into account.

By good practices we mean that we like to do things well, we always work with Docker containers, deploying artifacts and with continuous integration systems with different environments when we can. By agile methodologies we basically mean that we don't usually do projects with closed deadlines, except in very specific cases, but we define scopes by sprints, almost always of two weeks.

Where we work from

Given how well remote in confinement (now seems ages ago) has worked for us, we are now full-remote. We rent some space in a coworking from time to time where we can all get together or whoever needs it, if there is something that is better to see in person. We have very flexible schedules, we like to understand the projects as a shared common responsibility and work by objectives, not by a specific timetable.

Technological stack

Our technology stack is mainly back with PHP (Symfony), Node.js in some Google Cloud Functions we program, Behat for functional testing, Docker, Kubernetes more in the architecture part, font with sass, js and twig templates, Git for code repositories and JIRA/Confluence for work management and documentation.